How Can your Organization Help Second Wind Dreams?

​Corporations recognizing the importance of social responsibility are valued by their customers and they are learning that their employees seek a way to give back to their communities. As a result, forward-thinking businesses offer an abundance of resources to support local charities and programs through employee engagement. Partnering with these charities, their employees are given volunteer opportunities that reflect upon the corporations’ sincerity and philanthropic focus areas.  The movement of consumers to align themselves with companies offering products and services that demonstrate a commitment of corporate social responsibility has become vital to business success.

Our Work In Action

Cards of Light

Gather family, friends, and/or co-workers to write art supplies and send thoughtful cards to elders and brighten their day.

Adopt an Elder Care Community

Help us support our elder care communities and provide state of the art training so that dementia care can spread to those who need it.


​Second Wind Dreams® award-winning Dreams Program sheds light on the positive aspects of aging.

Guest Speakers

Allow us to come to your event and inform your participants about the importance of our work.

Sponsor An Event

Sponsor one of our many events that help spread awareness and training to the communities we touch.

Convention Support

Contact us to come table at your event and allow your participants to learn more about dementia care.


Your Donation Helps Fund Dreams

Commit to "Changing the Perception of Aging" and donate to Second Wind Dreams today! Help us continue our efforts to create more empathetic care, fulfilling elders' dreams, and continue research for those who suffer from dementia. Every dollar you give benefits those affected by dementia.

From face-to-face support and online education programs to promising worldwide research initiatives, your donation makes a difference.